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ooBdoo (pronounced oo-bee-doo) is a website that offers to provide information on any subject freely to anyone.

This information may be retrieved by viewing our extensive directory of published syndicated RSS feeds from websites across the world.

ooBdoo provides webmasters and content providers with an avenue to promote and advertise their syndicated content.

Any website, subject to approval, may have the content of their RSS feeds published on ooBdoo free of charge. All feeds are placed into category pages that best suit their topics. Most pages contain a number of feeds from different sources, thus providing a unique, useful, logical and informative experience for our audience. The placement of these feeds, on individual pages, is based on artistic preferences only.

These RSS feeds range from simple news headlines, that are updated every few minutes, to pages of information that are updated on a daily or weekly basis. All with links back to their respective sites. In fact most feeds are acceptable as long as they provide a genuine information services to the public.

Think of the opportunities this may have for the success of your website!

Some of the benefits of submitting your RSS Feeds and having them published on ooBdoo are:

Increase your exposure.
Increase your exposure in niche communities and untapped markets.
Reach potential customers by communicating with new user bases.
Increase your search engine marketing and exposure.
Be part of the creation of the largest information network on the Web.

Here is what you get:

Your RSS Feed(s) will be listed and categorized in the ooBdoo directory, and placed on the appropriate page.
Your feed(s) will be published on static web pages (.html and .php) and your feed(s) will be published containing the feed title, description, a link to your site, and your 5 latest RSS items all linked back to your site. (Unless you request otherwise)
All our pages are kept fresh, by polling feeds periodically for new content.
Search engine spiders will visit more frequently.
To help save bandwidth for you, we use sophisticated software that allows us to 'cache' the individual RSS feeds for update only at a pre determined periods, this means that no matter how many times our pages are viewed we will only retreive the information from you once.

If you would like to have your website RSS feed published on ooBdoo please go to our publishing page.

To remove your website from ooBdoo please go to our site removal page

For more information about publishing please go to our more information page

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